Credit: IBTimes UK

Credit: IBTimes UK


Hello. That's me. I'm in a field with a car.

So this is what I call work. I write about technology and cars for a living, and sometimes they let me go out and drive one for a bit before talking to a camera. I'm not always stood in a field with cars that don't belong to me, but this was the best screenshot I could find that didn't make me look properly weird.

Anyway. I’m a freelance journalist based in London and who specialises in consumer technology and motoring. I write about smartphones, wearables, smart home devices, VR and AR, cars, autonomy, watches, boats and much more besides.

My clients include:

Wired UK

Before going freelance in October 2017, I was the deputy technology editor at IBTimes UK, a news website based in London and part of the Newsweek Media Group.

I'm also on DRIVETRIBE, where they insist you write the name as if shouting. Over there I am the 'tribe leader' of The Drive Forward, which is mostly about car technology, and The Gentleman Driver, which is sort of a Goodwood Revival-inspired page I'm yet to really start. These pages tend to be where I publish words which I can’t sell.

Speaking of projects I’m yet to really start, I run an Instagram account also called The Gentleman Driver, and I’m planning restart a weekly technology podcast I co-hosted back in 2007.